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Training, reinvented.

1:1 Coaching paired with a data driven health stack

Optimize your training, nutrition, and recovery

Results Guaranteed

ARENA Performance Institute

SoHo New York
182 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10012

917-310-5339  Call or Text

Monday - Friday: Members & By Appointment Only
Saturday & Sunday: 10AM - 6PM

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Member Benefits

Expertise x Innovative Technology

Personalized Programs - 1:1 with expert coaches
Whoop - 24/7 personalized insights
Gymshark x ARENA - Apparel built for performance

Registered Dietitian - 1:1 completely personalized
Levels - 24/7 blood glucose tracking
Promix - organic & non-GMO supplements

Body Work - 1:1 renowned practitioners
Therabody - G3 Pro, Mini, & The Wave

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Facility Overview

SPX Designed: Refined Performance

Training Surfaces
1,000 SF of professional grade turf
2x wood olympic lifting & powerlifting
Shock-absorbing low VOC rubber

Select Equipment
ARENA - 300+ movements, eccentric training
Assault Bike Pro - ultimate low impact conditioning
Assault Treadmill - road-like running
Custom Benches - UK design & build
Stainless Steel Dumbbells - ARENA knurling spec

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ARENA Training Demo

40min (Virtual Demo 20min)

1-1 training session with an API Coach.

Complete an ARENA signature workout.

Test the Advanced+ Training Modes.

Training apparel required.

Member Consultation


The start of your success at API.

Establish data points and plot a timeline to acheive your goals.

Training apparel required.

Physical Readiness & Movement

with Ryan Hopkins, CSCS, USA-W LVL 2

Director of Training

Nutrition & Biometrics

with Albert Matheny, MS, RD, CSCS

Director of Nutrition

API  Partners

Industry Changing Collaboration


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Design Discussion


"This project was certainly different and had us thinking uniquely from day one. The team wanted a gym, a retail store and performance center under one roof. A unique project. We wanted to create a fungible environment that allowed the space to flow as needed. We leaned into the speakeasy vibe the space welcomed set in the highly sought Soho neighborhood. We aimed to transport the customer/client from the bustling streets of NYC to the future through ARENA’s eyes. An open format gym that will enable to showcase the multiple modalities that ARENA offers while having the opportunity to see it combined with other products. We’ve installed high performance turf complete with sleds, Assault fitness products, bespoke stainless steel dumbbells, and Bentley stitched adjustable benches by Watson gym equipment. Custom linear LED light provides a welcoming, elevated look to the space. The performance institute is socially engineered to drive an optimal customer experience."


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A Note About Delivery Times

Due to increased demand, delivery times are longer than normal.
  • Most ARENA delivery times are 12 to 15 weeks.
  • In some cases delivery times may exceed 15 weeks.
Arena Unit

Included Accessories (5)


Classic Straight Bar

  • Laser cut ARENA “A”
  • Knurled grip
  • Performance bearings
  • Matte black finish
  • 19’’ x 1.1” (3.65 lbs)

Premium Single Handle

  • Textured rubber grip
  • 6" Steel core
  • High strength webbing
  • Stainless steel O ring
  • Rotating “float” grip

Tricep Rope

  • Heavyweight 1’’nylon
  • Solid rubber ends
  • Stainless steel swivel
  • 360 smooth rotation
  • 27’’ length

Padded Ankle Strap

  • Fully adjustable
  • Kickbacks / Glutes
  • Hamstring Curls
  • Leg extensions
  • Ad/Abductors

Adjustable Phone Stand

  • Easy reach to phone
  • Up to 59.5’’ height
  • 360 locking rotation
  • Holds all phone types
  • 18’’ x 2’’ (0.4 lbs)

Premium Accessories

  • Full custom design curated by the ARENA Coaches
  • Pre-order now to deliver with your ARENA unit

Performance Package

  • Full custom design by the Arena Coaches
  • Made "to order" in the USA & UK
  • Pre-order now to deliver with your Arena Unit

Included Accessories (4)

  • High-Performance Bar
  • Premium Hip Belt
  • Plyometric Training Mat
  • Lightweight Dolly

High-performance Bar

  • 24" Stainless steel
  • Barbell knurling + Marks
  • Olympic movements
  • Cleans / Front squats
  • Deadlifts / Rows

Premium Hip Belt

  • Squat loading hips
  • Performance / Rehab
  • Dynamic / Jumping
  • NOT for back support
  • Adjustable (23’’ - 43”)

Plyometric Training Mat

  • 3 layer construction
  • Made for “Plyo” training
  • NOT a Yoga Mat
  • 100% recycled PVB
  • 24’’ x 68’’ x 0.15’’ (black)



Lightweight Dolly

  • Easily Transport ARENA
  • High density wheels
  • Aluminum body
  • Bungee lock system
  • Up to 70 lb load
  • 11’’ x 9’’ x 2’’ (2 lbs)

Arena Gym Bag

  • Limited “Launch” Edition
  • Black Dyneema Body
  • Custom USA build
  • Taped internal seams
  • 22" x 8" x 6"

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(5)Included Accessories
30 Day Home Trial. Terms Apply.


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Arena Team Teeqty: 1


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Arena Team Teeqty: 1


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Arena Team Teeqty: 1


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Estimated Total$1,995.00