January 18, 2022
Your Guide to the ARENA App

Lauren Wellinger, ARENA Head of Performance

January 04, 2022
Sustaining Your Training: 5 Tips for Success

Cody Prizer, PT DPT

December 12, 2021
Minimum Effective Dose: Biohacking Fitness

Pamela Palladino Gold, Founder of PRTL

November 30, 2021
To our ARENA Family

Krisna Bhargava, Arena CEO

Train smarter anywhere

Train Smarter, Anywhere.

ARENA brings advanced electric mobility technology to resistance training, instantly adding up to 200lbs to the complete mobile platform. Five turnkey attachments give you endless movements and grips in all planes of motion. At home, at work, or even on vacation, you can pull, push, squat and hinge all in one complete system. Advanced features and tension management allows the platform to recruit more muscle fibers making it more efficient than traditional weight training.

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